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We're a UK-based provider of cloud hosting solutions, with services available in 7 data centres around the world. We're specialists in fully-managed highly available business-grade hosting, and also provide shared hosting, cloud servers & domain name registration through our brands.

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Thanks to 7+ years experience in the web industry, Cloud Unboxed offer a wide range of bespoke Internet solutions to empower your product or brand. We work with companies both local and international, providing and managing infrastructure for high performance, high availability and superfast delivery of web applications around the globe.


Our friendly staff take a personal approach to your queries, and try not to baffle you with confusing tech-speak and jargon. Let's make generic robotic responses a thing of the past.


As your organisation grows, so does your website. We've solutions to cater for every project, from home users to large enterprise. Start small and scale as you grow, with understandable and predictable costs.


Nobody likes an unresponsive website. Our support teams monitor servers on a minute-by-minute basis, proactively working to ensure websites remain fast and stable at all times.

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We're priveledged to work with some of the world's best and leading companies.
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"...uptime has been phenomenal, even over peak periods like Black Friday..."

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Services around the globe

We've deployed our infrastructure in over 7 data centres around the world.
Experience the personalised support of a smaller web hosting provider alongside the global network reach of a hosting giant.

London, UK
Frankfurt, Germany
Bucharest, Romania
New York, USA
Florida, USA
Arizona, USA
Hong Kong

24x7x365 support team

We've been in the industry since 2007, so over the years you can imagine we've dealt with every query and problem imaginable. Our technicians and engineers have copious experience and qualifications in their field, and our 24x7x365 incident response team are always on hand to resolve your problems at any time of the day or night.
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