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Our products and services are delivered to end users exclusively through our specialist brands. Chances are you've seen us before, and might even be our customer already.

DeployVM is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider, delivering fast and reliable cloud servers, cloud databases, cloud load balancers, cloud DNS and storage servers.

DeployVM's unique selling point lies in their industry-leading support team, who can provide an expertly tailored hosting solution backed by true 24x7x365 round-the-clock monitoring and management.

Visit website is a value virtual server provider, specifically tailored for the home user and small business market. Its users can quickly and efficiently spin up VPS servers in minutes, and select options such as cPanel & WHM with full server management for a complete, hassle-free dedicated hosting experience.

What's more, there's a great upgrade path from to the DeployVM enterprise-grade platform, ideal for any growing business.

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Monad Hosting

Monad Hosting is a new and exciting hosting brand we're working on. We believe the web hosting world is too complex with so many different options and solutions. We're developing a super-simple PHP hosting environment that can be deployed by clicking a single button, and can scale up and down on-the-fly in line with visitors and demand.

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Xagga Hosting

Xagga Hosting is an extra value hosting brand based in the UK, focussing on the needs of the home user and small business. Since 2009, the continued success of Xagga Hosting is owed to its low cost hosting packages, accessible UK-based technical team and the support of its loyal customers.

Web sites should perform smoothly, should be online and available 24x7, and certainly shouldn't require a small bank loan to afford. Xagga Hosting's mission is to deliver quality but affordable web hosting services specifically tailored to the home user and small business markets.

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AceCDN is a performance-driven CDN like no other. Patent-pending double cache technology and dedicated edge-cache mean websites typically achieve an industry-leading 99% cache hit ratio. Plus its worldwide Anycast network eliminates the slow and buggy geographic DNS layer used by most CDNs, leading to huge performance gains. What's more, massive monthly transfer limits and no cost-per-requests makes AceCDN perfect for accelerating websites, large files, videos, games and more!

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Website security is a growing concern, especially in the eCommerce sector. Our AceWAF products aim for peace of mind, by delivering a PCI-DSS certififed website firewall right at the network edge.

Backed by our Comodo partnership, AceWAF practically eliminates malicious requests and bad bots from reaching your website, ensuring your server stays safe and online. Running the super-secure Comodo WAF at the network edge speeds up your website, uses less server resources, and keeps the bad guys far away!

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Somerset Technical Solutions

Somerset Technical Solutions is a leading UK-based IT management company, specialising in server & hosting infrastructure management. They work with companies large and small, from self-employed internet marketers to multi-million pound corporations, pro-actively monitoring and managing servers for unparalleled uptime and security.

Somerset Technical Solutions was founded in 2009 by Anthony Somerset as an IT management company. Today, Somerset Technical Solutions work with companies large and small from all parts of the world, delivering fast and reliable website and server solutions.

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Tribe of 6

Tribe of 6 is "not an agency" that delivers design, development and marketing better than any other agency you've ever worked with.

Our unique approach makes use of the plethora of digital agencies on our hosting roster, combined with the years of experience and close-knit partnerships with each agency. We segment your digital project into unique steps - be that design, branding, UX, coding, development, marketing, SEO, PPC and more - then procure each step to the best-in-class agency. Our strategy not only saves you time and money by working in tandem with multiple agencies, but also ensures the end result is practical perfection.

Visit website is a fully managed DNS hosting solution, delivered by our own custom worldwide platform. DNS is one of the most critically important but often overlooked elements of the hosting tree. Understanding an outage to DNS affects everything on a domain - its web sites, e-mails, sub-domains and all servers - we built a super reliable and insanely fast product that promises a 100% uptime SLA.

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Simple, reliable and affordable email hosting lives here. Running on a white-labelled domain name, packages scale from 2-50 mailboxes in size, and boast up to 160GB of email storage to fit the needs of all users. High quality SPAM protection comes baked-in as standard, with optional SpamExperts upgrade for a world-class SPAM-free inbox. Security is handled by advanced firewalls, anti-virus scanning and PCI-DSS checks. What's more, emails are backed up daily to an off-site server for ultimate peace of mind.

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