Equal opportunity policy

Cloud Unboxed is committed to creating a fully inclusive work environment and to eliminate unlawful discrimination in all aspects of employment and work. We will not tolerate sexism, racism, harassment, bullying or discrimination of any sort from employees or third parties who do work on our behalf. Our aim is to improve working conditions for everyone and give everyone the opportunity to work in an environment where no person will feel intimidated or excluded.

Our policy aims to:
  • Embody an all inclusive culture
  • Provide equality for everyone
  • Respect the values of others
  • Prevent harassment, victimisation and discrimination
  • Foster good relations across the workplace

Environmental policy

Cloud Unboxed has a direct impact on the environment and ecosystem wherever we operate. Whilst providing high quality services, we are also committed to engendering a culture of continuous environmental improvement. We recognise that as a business, we have a large and demonstrative role to play in improving and maintaining our environment. We will continue to improve upon our sustainability principles to reduce waste and inefficiency.

We are committed to:
  • Ensuring compliance with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and requirements
  • Reducing negative impact on the environment
  • Minimizing waste and improving recycling
  • Encouraging our partners to be environmentally responsible
  • Taking into account sustainable materials or services

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