What do we offer?

With a wide range of products and services sold by our network of brands, we cater to all corners of the hosting market.


Infrastructure-as-a-Service - IaaS for short - allows you to rent virtual and physical hardware resources, on-demand, with minimal contracts and commitments. IaaS is the pinnacle of cloud computing.

  • Cloud Servers
  • Cloud Databases
  • Cloud Load Balancers
  • Cloud DNS
  • Storage Servers
  • Private Cloud
  • Hosted Desktop
  • IncredIO Servers

These services are offered by our brand DeployVM.

Web hosting

Shared web hosting is the simplest form of getting a website online. It involves the rental of a small slice of resources on a large server, specifically to store and process your website.

  • Cheap/value hosting
  • High performance hosting
  • Domain name registration
  • Email hosting
  • SSL certificate & security addons

These services are offered by our brands Xagga Hosting and Monad Hosting.

Domain names

A domain name is a short and catchy identifier (like yourname.com or yourbrand.org) that underpins every website and email address. Have you registered yours yet?

  • Domain name registrations
  • Domain name transfers
  • Domain name renewals
  • Managed DNS hosting
  • Email & SSL certificate addons

These services are offered by our brands Xagga Hosting and Monad Hosting.

Email & productivity

Did you know more emails are sent per day than letters per month? Email is the go-to business communication platform, and armed with productivity suites like Microsoft Office or G Suite, becomes an unstoppable force.

  • Professional email-only hosting
  • G Suite by Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Exchange Online

These services are offered by our brands Xagga Hosting and Monad Hosting.

Managed hosting

Designed for growing businesses and eCommerce, managed hosting takes the complexity out of maintaining your web presence. Servers, security, backups, monitoring and more -- it's all covered by default.

  • Managed cloud servers
  • PCI-DSS & GDPR compliance
  • Proactive expert support
  • Website & server monitoring
  • Extensive security stack
  • Multi-site & disaster recovery
  • Comprehensive data backup

These services are offered by our brands DeployVM and Somerset Technical Solutions.

Virtual Servers (VPS)

Hobbyists, small businesses and sysadmins alike can rejoice over our great value VPS plans. A VPS gives the flexiblity of a dedicated server, but with a much cheaper price tag.

  • Budget (OpenVZ) VPS
  • Premium (KVM) cloud servers
  • Backups & snapshots
  • Server management upgrades

These services are offered by our brands VPSnodes.net DeployVM.

CDN acceleration

A Content Delivery Network speeds up access to websites, apps, games and more, by storing cached copies of files in many locations around the world. Increase website rankings and user experience in one step!

  • 24+ worldwide edge locations
  • 7+ Super-PoP locations
  • Incredible value per TB
  • Website CDN push zones
  • CDN storage pull zones
  • Integral Comodo WAF security
  • Fast "Anycast" network

These services are offered by our brand AceCDN.

DNS hosting

DNS is the cornerstone of the modern Internet, enabling websites, apps, games, telephony, streaming and so much more. We provide secure, fast and reliable DNS solutions that you can depend on.

  • Managed DNS support
  • Worldwide nameserver cluster
  • Fast "Anycast" network
  • 100% uptime SLAs
  • Redundant & fault-tolerant

These services are offered by our brands ClusteredDNS.net, DeployVM, Xagga Hosting, and Monad Hosting.

Design & development

Stuck with an old, disfunctional, slow and insecure website? We can help! Let's work together and propel your business into the future with a new identity and website design.

  • Website design & updates
  • Coding & web development
  • Brand identity & design
  • Digital marketing & SEO

These services are offered by our brand Tribe of 6.

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