Billing and invoicing

We send all customers automated billing and invoicing emails for their products and services. Usually these are sent monthly, but this may vary based on your chosen/product billing frequency.

If we are sending you too many billing and invoicing emails, we may be able to suppress or eliminate some of these. Please compose an email to explaining your situation, and our billing team will check to see what can be done.

Product information

From time to time we send product information emails, which may include updates and additions to products, changes or redactions to features, and so forth. Whilst you are subscribed to and using such products, regretfully these emails cannot be suppressed because we deem them to be important. We'd hate for your product to stop working because you missed some important changes!

Marketing emails

Currently, we do not send any automated marketing emails. If you have received an email from us that you consider marketing, this may have been sent by your account manager. If you would prefer not to receive such emails, please reply back to your account manager with your request.

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